Used Construction Equipment For Sale

Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to move dirt with a 4WD Steiger pulling a scraper pan, or you’re in need of a skidsteer, backhoe or excavator, Hoober has an excellent selection of used construction equipment in stock to help meet your needs. And Hoober’s experienced tractor service technicians will help you move dirt as efficiently as possible.

Move Dirt For Less – 4WD Steigers With Scraper Pans

For over 30 years, Hoober has been working with excavating contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing them 4WD Steiger tractors along with scraper pans to move dirt for less on job sites. As a result, Hoober always has a fresh inventory of used 4WD Steigers, along with K-Tech, Ashland, and Reynolds scraper pans from 10’ to 30’ cubic foot capacity.

Used Construction Equipment Near Me

Hoober’s used construction equipment inventory is made up of trade-ins from local excavating contractors, construction companies, landscapers, farmers, and more. Hoober locations have used construction equipment on site that can be shipped to any of our other locations or shipped direct to you. We’re also frequently trading used construction equipment, so talk to a Hoober salesman about what might be coming in soon.

Hoober Parts & Service Support Keeps You Running Strong

Hoober has factory-trained tractor service technicians at every location to help ensure you’ll get the most from your construction equipment. And Hoober’s extensive parts inventory means we’re able to get you the parts you need fast to help keep you productive.

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