Rewarding Every Purchase You Make

The Hoober Rewards Program is an innovative program that gives customers the opportunity to save money on their parts purchases all year-long by buying from Hoober


How do I qualify for the Hoober Rewards Program?
Customers will automatically qualify for a rewards discount when they reach the required spending levels based upon their previous 12 month’s parts purchases. A valid email address is required to sign up for the program

How do I save on parts?
Rewards Program members receive a discount on their current parts purchase and they build volume towards achieving higher discounts throughout the year

How is my parts discount determined?
All of your parts purchases for the previous 12 months will determine your current month's discount

Do I have to buy during certain times of the year?
We strongly encourage you to plan ahead and purchase parts in the offseason, but that is not required to earn your Rewards Program discounts - you can purchase parts any time during the year

Are all parts eligible for the Rewards Program discounts?
All parts purchased through Hoober parts and service departments are eligible for Rewards Program discounts, except for precision components and parts that are already specially priced

How often is my Rewards Program discount updated?
Your Rewards Program discount is updated at the beginning of each month based on your previous 12 month's purchases

Are there still options to pre-pay for parts purchases?
Yes, we will accommodate pre-pay requests and those purchases count towards achieving higher discount levels throughout the year

Will I ever lose my discount?
Only if you stop buying parts from Hoober or if your Hoober charge account goes past due

How Do I Get Started?
Just let us know that you want to participate by providing your email address to one of our parts associates.