Hoober Precision Ag Team Accuracy Within 1-Inch
The Hoober Advantage

With an exclusive partnership with an established, reliable VRS network covering PA,DE, MD, NJ, and Parts of VA, Hoober provides unmatched benefits when it comes to Precision farming including GPS and 1-inch RTK accuracy.

Hoober began constructing an RTK network 10 years ago and we have gained valuable experience in how to make RTK work on your farm. Hoober has the strongest network of base stations of any RTK network on the East Coast. We use powerful, dedicated modems for uninterrupted service even in marginal cell coverage areas.

Best of all, you won’t lose accuracy anywhere in the network – no more having to be within 8 miles of an RTK base to achieve sub inch accuracy. The Hoober network is a superior true VRS network providing survey grade accuracy, not a traditional single base system.

Backed by the best VRS technology in the world, Hoober has the tools and the knowledge to make RTK a reality on your farm. Ask a Hoober Precision Ag Support Team member about our RTK network coverage areas and how RTK technology can affordably help you get the most out of your fields from spring planting through harvest!

What Kind Of Accuracy Do You Need?

We Can Provide 1-Inch RTK accuracy anywhere you receive a cell signal and we can supply RTK correction to competitive models

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