Hoober Precision Ag Team Record Keeping Made Easy
The Hoober Advantage

Hoober's Precision Ag Training Center provides Cutting-edge, hands-on instruction led by Hoober’s certified precision ag experts in a climate controlled setting.
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Training Center Features:

  Cutting-edge, Hands-on Instructional Classroom

  Led By Hoobers Certified Precision Ag Experts

  Bring Your Own Console

  Climate Controlled Setting

  Question & Answer Session

Training For The Following Products:

Case IH Pro 600/Pro 700

Trimble FM750

Trimble FMX 1000

AgLeader Integra/Versa

AgLeader Compass

Raven Viper 4

Raven Viper Pro

Guidance • GPS Mapping • Light Bars • RTK Network • Variable Rate Seeding Sprayer Boom Controls • Yield Monitoring
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