What Sets Hoober Service Apart?

Hoober Service

   We have over 75 factory-trained service technicians across our 9 locations, and a fleet of service trucks ready to service your needs in our shop, or at
   your location. From preventive maintenance to in-season emergencies, we’re here to help you stay productive in the field. Click HERE to find Service
   Support at the store nearest you.

Trained Professionals

Hoober’s service technicians are factory-trained experts that average over 15 years’ experience. Some technicians and managers have over 30 years’ experience and can help diagnose problems quickly.


Hoober service technicians specialize on tractors, combines, balers or seeding. Because of the technician’s knowledge and experience, repairs are made quickly and accurately.


When a customer has a problem, we accept it as our own problem and strive to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Reinvestment In The Business

From overhead cranes in the shop, to service vehicles and state of the art tools, Hoober reinvests in the business so repairs can be made efficiently the first time.

Mobile Service

Hoober service technicians drive service vehicles stocked with tools and parts to make repairs at your location. Most times repairs can be made right in the field to get you up and running quickly.

UpTime Service

Hoober's revolutionary Uptime Service Program saves you time and money by identifying small problems out-of-season before they become big problems in-season. Click HERE to learn more about uptime service and how it can benefit you.