Better Tillage Performance

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

KUHN Krause Excelerator®

  The Kuhn Krause Excelerator® delivers highspeed residue cutting and soil mixing that incorporates many tillage techniques in a single pass. With the exclusive Excalibur® VT blades and Star Wheel™ treaders, this vertical tillage system does an excellent job of downsizing clods, leveling soil, and anchoring residue, while the 24/7® soil conditioning reel finishes the seedbed preparation.  
Models In-Stock From 11’ To 30'
Exceptional Residue Cutting
Exclusive 4-Step Tillage Process
Capture And Slice
Cut And Remove
Mix And Anchor
Size And Firm
Fall Residue Management For
Maximum Winter Residue
Superior Spring Seedbed Preparation
In High Residue Situations
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