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Part #: 84265385

Manufacturer: Case IH
Availability: This product available to order; most products arrive in 1-5 days.
  • This part replaces: CAS-1309419C1, CAS-1309419C2, CAS-1309419C3, CAS-1317770C1, CAS-1317770C2, CAS-1317770C3, CAS-186798C1, CAS-186798C2, CAS-186798C3, CAS-186798C4, CAS-186798C5, CAS-193354C1, CAS-193354C2, CAS-193354C3, CAS-193354C4, CAS-194047A1, CAS-194047A2, CAS-198101A1, CAS-198101A2, CAS-234911A2, CAS-321930A1, CAS-365928A1, CAS-365928A2, CAS-373271A1