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Part #: CC2821
ES Compleat Antifreeze Coolant - Ethylene Glycol Concentrate - 55 Gallon Drum
ES Compleat™ EG is a high performance fully formulated Extended Life Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant. It is Fleetguard’s answer to the maintenance demands of heavy-duty diesel cooling systems. ES Compleat™ EG only requires possible re-inhibition after 1 year, 150,000 miles, or 4,000 hours of operation. It is the perfect mixture that protects your cooling system by preventing scaling, foaming, corrosion and liner pitting. ES Compleat™ is easy to use, cost effective, and outperforms other extended life products in the marketplace today.
  • Premixed with 50% Deionized Water
  • For All Heavy-Duty Engines
  • No Compromise Engine Protection
  • 55 Gallon Drum

Manufacturer: Fleetguard
Availability: 2 in Stock

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