Hoober and Ag Leader

Friday, March 15, 2019

When it comes to precision farming solutions there’s nobody better at maximizing your productivity than Hoober. We’ve been involved in precision farming since the very beginning and have remained on the cutting edge ever since.

25 Years Of Experience With Yield Monitors
Strongest RTK Network On The East Coast
Guidance Solutions For All Brands
Expertise To Assist With Section Control, Liquid Control, Real-Time
  Application, Data Collection, Prescription Writing And More
New “Hoober Weight Wagon”
  Offering Precision Harvest Support!

Hoober and Ag Leader have worked together for 25 years to provide precision ag tools that work together no matter the color of the equipment. Whether you’re just starting out with yield monitoring or guidance and steering – or you’ve taken precision farming to the next level, Hoober and Ag Leader can help maximize your productivity.
InCommand Display - Record all planting operations in 1 display and
  see how each row is performing
SureDrive Electric Drives - Gain precise control of planter meter
  performance, turn compensation and row-by-row shutoff, and reduce
  skips and doubles to help Maximize Your Yield.
Hydraulic Down Force Control
  consistent, proper planting depth
  no matter the conditions
Yield Monitoring – create and
  view yield and moisture maps
  while harvesting and instantly see
  how field conditions affect your
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