Hoober and Great Plains

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Great Plains Turbo-Max® takes vertical tillage to the max by giving you options on how much tillage you can do on the fly. In the fall you can run the machine at an angle to bury more residue, which aids in the decay process and helps keep the residue from blowing away in high winds. In the spring you can run it straight to create an excellent vertically tilled seedbed that is perfect to plant into.

  • ADJUSTABLE GANG ANGLE - Allows you to change the gang angle on the go to match it to field conditions


  • TURBO COULTER - Allows the blade flute to attack the residue vertically for better cutting & penetration


  • 7-1/2" BLADE SPACING - 2 gangs each with 7 1/2" spacing work together to size residue to an industry leading 3-3/4"


  • OPTIONAL ROLLING HARROW & REEL - Loosens, levels and breaks up clods for a perfect seedbed

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