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KMC (Kelley Mfg Co)

Looking for parts for your KMC equipment? Hoober stocks an excellent selection of KMC parts for poultry house cleaners, washers, sprayers, and wall cleaners. Search our inventory & get it shipped fast.

Parts To Keep Your Poultry House Clean

Make your poultry house as clean as your own house with dependable poultry house equipment from KMC and Hoober. Hoober sells the full line of KMC poultry house cleaning equipment and can provide all the replacement parts you need including coulters, hoses, bearings, sprockets, cylinders, digger points, drive chains, bolts, belts, blades, bushings, and more.

Parts Transferred Everyday

Hoober’s extensive parts inventory means we’re able to get you the parts you need for your KMC equipment quickly. Parts are transferred between our locations every day and our dedicated parts specialists will do whatever it takes to keep your KMC equipment running strong.

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    "A" 15mmX52.38X2B W7 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-173

    "A" 15mmX52.38X3B W7 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-191

    "A" 15mmX54.88X3B W7 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-165

    "A" 15mmX63X3B W8 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-171

    "A"15mmX54.88X2B W7 PINS BAR

    Part #: 03-050-167

    "A"15mmX65.5X3B W8 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-169

    "B" 15mmX52.38X2B 7 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-174

    "B" 15mmX52.38X3B W7 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-192

    "B" 15mmX54.88X3B W 7 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-166

    "B" 15mmX63X3B W8 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-172

    "B" 15mmX65.5X3B W8 PIN BAR

    Part #: 03-050-170

    "B"15mmX54.88X2B W 7 PINS BAR

    Part #: 03-050-168