Better Spreading Made SimpleWe design our spreaders by listening carefully to what farmers say, then deliver extra value by using the highest quality materials with a firm commitment to uncompromising workmanship. Rugged and dependable Lanco Litter Spreaders deliver the performance and productivity you need. Having the right capacity spreader for your application can make all the difference which is why the family of Lanco Litter Spreaders includes six standard sizes ranging from 355 cubic foot capacity to 578 cubic foot capacity. Lanco Litter Spreaders come standard with PTO Hydraulic drive. One look and you'll see the difference. Lanco Litter Spreaders represent the value farmers look for. How do we know? We asked.



Heavy Duty Hydraulic System
Unique Versatility Brings Added Value
Walking Beam Suspension
Capacity and Common Sense

More High Quality Features Come Standard